Manahawkin United Methodist Church
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Sermon: BE

Today is Sunday School Sunday and our lesson will take place during both Services.  Everyone is in class today.  Our teachers and children will actively participate in both services by being Greeters, Acolytes, Ushers, and Readers. Today’s sermon will be

Sermon: Put Christ First

Today Pastor Choi expounds on the meaning of being Christ’s disciple.  It is more than attending church services and claiming that we are the followers of Christ.  Being Christ’s disciple requires us to put Christ first before anything or anybody

Sermon: Sure-fire Time Wasters!

Today Pastor Choi urges the congregation to beware of sure-fire time wasters.  They are: 1) be unforgiving, 2) keep comparing, 3) be doubtful, 4) keep grumbling, and 5) keep worrying.  By doing so, he warns the audience, they can waste their time — every

Sermon: 2014 – The Year of Gratitude

For the Manahawkin Methodist Congregation, Pastor Choi designates 2014 to be the Year of Gratitude.  He begins his message with a comparison between secular understanding and biblical knowledge on words such as ‘grateful,’ ‘thankful,’ and ‘gratitude.’   He exhorts the people of God to become a character of gratitude through daily practice

Sermon: Flight to Egypt

Summary: John Parker is our guest speaker for today filling in for Pastor Choi who is on vacation.  Our text for today is a wonderful account where God steps into his creation, watches over and takes care of His children,