Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: January 2015

Sermon: Paid in Full

Today Rosemary Molinaro (Sunday School Superintendent), speaks about her faith journey: growing up in church, away from church, and coming back home.  She finally formed a new relationship with God and Jesus saying, “God and I are partners in contract.

Sermon: Do You Have Eternal Life?

Today Pastor Choi talks about four aspects of eternal life: 1. Eternal life is the life everlasting lived in the presence of God.  2. Eternal life is obtained through Jesus Christ alone, because it is hidden in Him.  3. Eternal

Sermon: Do You Know Jesus?

Today Pastor Choi designates 2015 as the Year of Knowing Jesus (T.Y.O.K.J.).  He exhorts God’s flock to make every effort to know Jesus—the Word of Life.  The true knowledge of Jesus is essential to our salvation, because to know Him