What to expect…

The fear of not knowing where to go, where to sit or even when to sit can be just enough to keep you from entering the doors of a church.

We’ve all been there.  At some point we all had to start with the unknown. We at MUMC keep that in mind as we welcome visitors.
Our philosophy is that you are entering our home.  As our guest, you’ll be guided through the church, introduced to some great folks and we promise not to put the ‘spotlight’ on you and make you feel uncomfortable.

Coming to worship on Sunday, as you enter the Narthex (Church lobby),  you’ll be welcomed by our Greeter.  Our Sanctuary is upstairs- the doors are on either side of the Narthex (we don’t quiz you on terminology…yet- only kidding).  If you need assistance going up the stairs by either elevator or chair lift, simply ask the Greeter to help you.

Immediately following our 8:30 A.M. Service, we invite you to join us for coffee and wonderful home-made desserts or Sunday School.  Coffee is served in our Fellowship Hall.  Sunday School students, Grades Pre K thru 12th, gather in the sanctuary at 9:45 A.M. for a brief worship then proceed to class. Please ask for Marissa Barry, Sunday School Superintendent, if you have a child that would like to attend class.   Adult Sunday School classes meet in the Lounge, located in the Main Hallway.  Please ask for Eileen Mahan if you would like to attend.

Childcare is also available throughout the morning beginning at 8:30 A.M. and ending at 12:00 Noon, or immediately following our second service.

Prayer Requests:  all are welcome- simply fill out a card located on the back of the pew in front of where you are sitting; Ushers will collect them during our opening hymn.