Worship at MUMC

Sunday Worship Schedule:

Every Sunday morning at 8:30, we offer live streaming on YOUTUBE: ManahawkinUMC.



We offer two services:  8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Worship services are held in the Sanctuary. All are welcome to participate in worship services including families with children. Children’s activity bags are available at the back of the sanctuary to keep little ones occupied. In the event your little one(s) finds the experience overwhelming you are welcome to bring your child to our nursery which is staffed with two workers.

Hymnals are used for worship music and are housed on the back of each pew. Worship begins with greeting, announcements, passing of peace, followed by Call to Worship.  After the first hymn, there is Children’s time, followed by prayers of confession and pardon.  After the congregation shares their joys, concerns, and praises, the pastor offers pastoral prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer in unison.  Scripture lesson and Anthem precede the sermon by Pastor Choi.  Offering is taken after the message and worship concludes with a closing hymn.  Services typically last one hour.


The communion table in the United Methodist Church is open to all who profess their faith in Jesus Christ, without regard to age or church membership. 

Communion is served during worship at 8:30 a.m.& 11:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month.

We also have a Eucharistic Ministry Team that will serve communion to those who are not able to physically attend worship.  To receive communion via the team please contact Cheryl Conti (Church Secretary) at 609-597-7666 or email to: office.mumc116@gmail.com

Healing Services

On the last Sunday of the month, at both services, Pastor Choi invites people who want healing from the Lord to come forward to the altar.  As they kneel, he applies oil on their foreheads and says a prayer for healing.  The Lord heals His people according to His power and will as they bring their faith in their requests.

Are children welcome to attend worship services?

Absolutely!  We encourage all children to attend worship.  We have activity bags available at the back of the Sanctuary to keep the children engaged during worship (an hour is a long time to kids).

If you’re not sure how your child will behave during worship we suggest the following:

  • Give it a try…never assume it won’t work.
  • Be patient… and know that we don’t mind a little noise — if it escalates, simply move to the back of the Sanctuary or bring your little one to the nursery.  Remember, we all have to start our worship experience sometime!
  • Small doses of worship time might work well.  Maybe 20 minutes is all your little one can handle at this point in time.  Not a problem.  Simply bring your child down to the nursery and come back to enjoy the remainder of worship.
  • Some members have found that sitting in a different location each week and pointing out the different ‘sites’ prior to the start of worship kept it interesting for their little worshipers.
  • Please keep your child by your side at all times.  The Sanctuary, a wonderful site to behold can be a dangerous place for a wandering little one.  Stairways, candles, risers and little ones don’t mix.  We want your children to be safe at all times.

Special Worship Services

Periodically we will have changes in our worship schedule, most commonly during Advent (Christmas) & Lent (Easter).  Please check our calendar for any changes.