Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: July 2013

Sermon: What We Believe (2)

Pastor Choi continues his series on basic beliefs of Christian faith: Christ paid the penalty of our sins–this proves God’s love for us all!   What We Believe (2)   Also, following is the sermon script in its entirety. Title: What

Sermon: What We Believe

Pastor Choi explains the spiritual reality of America where people shun certain words such as sin, sinner, or repentance.  To hear his message in audio, click here:      What We Believe  

Sermon: Who Do You Say I Am?

Pastor Choi talks about who Jesus is to people, to His disciples, and to you.  Your confession of who Jesus is makes a world of difference in your walk with God. Who do you say Jesus is?

Sermon: Who Am I?

Pastor Choi’s first sermon at Manahawkin UMC talks about who he is: Not a Messiah, but a messenger of God and His Word.