Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Author: Pastor Choi

Jesus Is Our Shepherd

Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus being our Good Shepherd. He points out three qualities of Good Shepherd for God’s people: 1. On Behalf of 2. Ownership and Knowledge of the Flock 3. Protection. Indeed, Jesus is all for God’s

Sermon: How to Live W.E.L.L. in End Times

Today Pastor Choi, speaking about Jesus’ Second coming, presents four ways to live W.E.L.L in the end times: Watch and Pray, Encourage each other to assemble, Lay aside the deeds of darkness, and Love fervently.  Those who daily live by

Sermon: What Does Jesus Call Sin?

Today Pastor Choi talks about one thing that Jesus calls a sin. That is, not to believe in the name of Jesus and not to believe in Him as Savior and Lord (John 16:9). The audience is encouraged to read

Sermon: Something Is Missing Here!

Today Pastor Choi talks about the necessity and urgency of reaching out to the lost (people who need the Lord and salvation) in two stories of Jesus (the lost sheep and the lost coin). God has called every believer in

Sermon: Learning from Afflictions

Today Pastor Choi talks about three lessons from affliction. #1. Affliction is not a disaster but a corrective medicine. #2. Out of faithfulness, truth, and love, the Lord afflicts us. #3. The ultimate benefit of affliction is the return to

Sermon: Concerning Pleasure

Today Pastor Choi talks about four biblical principles on pleasure for the believers to abide by (Ravi Zacharias): 1. Anything that refreshes us without diminishing or destroying our final goal in life is a legitimate pleasure. 2. Any pleasure that

Testimonials: Teen Challenge Philadelphia

Today the Teen Challenge in Philadelphia shared their testimonials of how God helped them to break the chains of addiction. Two parts are worth listening to. May the Lord speak to your heart through their stories.

Sermon: Keys to Good Health

Today Pastor Choi talks about four keys to good health: T.O.P.C.  Trust in the Lord, Obey God’s commands, Pray, and Clean Thinking.  When we follow these keys faithfully, we will enjoy good health in our body and soul.

Shalom in the Land

Today Pastor Choi talks about shalom in the land. He points out that it is the believer’s duty to pray for all people, especially for those in authority. He shares three examples in the Bible: King David, King Solomon, and

Sermon: What Credit Is That to You?

Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ command on loving enemies. He points out to three reasons for obeying His command: for the credit before God, for the reward from God, and for being children of the Most High.

Sermon: Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Today Pastor Choi talks about the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Sermon: Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Today Pastor Choi talks about being filled with the Spirit. He explains the meaning and signs of Holy Spirit filled life and how to be filled with God’s Spirit.

Sermon: Jesus Is the Answer for the World

Today Pastor Choi talks about the sufficiency of Jesus the Messiah for the world today. He exhorts the congregation to try God’s solution for the world in all areas: in the problems of the world, nations, society, family, and individuals.

Sermon: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Today Pastor Choi talks about baptism of the Holy Spirit. It means that the Spirit of God descends upon the believers and use them in a mighty way. it is demonstrated in various gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in

Sermon: Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Choi talks about the work of the Holy Spirit among Christ’s believers. He does two things for Christians: one to quicken the dead spirits before their conversion, two to lead the born again believers to live a life worthy

Sermon: Personality of Holy Spirit

Today Pastor Choi talks about personality of the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit is not a thing but a divine being with intellect, emotion, and will. He is not our servant but we are His.

Sermon: Shalom in the Family

Today Pastor Choi talks about Shalom in the family. He explains how Shalom in the first family (Adam and Eve’s) was destroyed and urges the congregation to beware of the devil’s scheme. He ends the sermon with three action points:

Sermon: On Behalf of Our Children

Today Pastor Choi exhorts the parents and grandparents to keep their children in their daily prayers for their salvation in Christ. Pointing out that the eternal inheritance is reserved for those who are worthy to receive it through their faith

Sermon: the Easter Message of the Risen Christ

Today, based on John 20:1-23, Pastor Choi conveys the Easter message of the Risen Christ. They are: 1. Stop crying, for I am with you. 2. Peace be unto you. 3. Receive the Holy Spirit.

Sermon: The Triumphal Entry

Two thousand years ago, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey’s back. It was a fulfillment of prophecy on how the Messiah would come to His people by prophet Zachariah about 520 B.C. The same Christ still comes, as a

Sermon: Watch and Pray

Text: Matthew 26:36-41 Today Pastor Choi talks about three lessons from Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane: 1. In the throes of stress, pray more and ask for prayer support. 2. Pray for an hour because God knows you

Sermon: Enter with Thanksgiving

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of thanksgiving in worship: both in Heaven and on earth. He explains what’s going on in heavenly worship and ends his sermon with the importance of thanksgiving in the believer’s life, worship, and

Sermon: The Daily Manna

Today Pastor Choi talks about Manna the heavenly food from God for God’s people. The sermon explains the origin of manna, how it was provided, and the ultimate goal God had in mind for His people: to understand that they

Sermon: The Problem of the Unforgiving Servant

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of forgiving each other even up to 490 times! The sermon points out the problem of the unforgiving servant: Ungrateful, unmerciful, and unwise. The pastor exhorts the congregation to forgive by being grateful,

Sermon: Who Do You Say That I Am?

Today Pastor Choi talks about the foundation of Christian faith and practice: Jesus the Messiah and the Son of the Living God. He explains A-B-C-D’s in faith in Christ: Acknowledge-Believe-Confess-Do.

Sermon: When Things Don’t Make Sense

Today Pastor Choi talks about things that strike us on a societal level and make us shocked and puzzled. Expounding on Jesus’ call to repent in Luke 13:1-5, he shares three lessons for us to remember: 1. Suffering is no

Sermon: Concerning Joy

In his sermon today (read by Sarah Choi), Pastor Choi talks about joy, particularly true joy that lasts eternally. There’s only One who can give us true joy–the LORD God. Pastor Choi also talks about two kinds of joy: worldly

Sermon: Joy in God’s Heart

Today Pastor Choi talks about joy in God’s heart in Heaven. When one lost soul comes back home, God is delighted. His joy over one repentant soul is greater than that over 99 righteous people who don’t need to repent.

Sermon: Shalom with God

Today Pastor Choi talks about Shalom (Peace) with God through Christ. Christ and Christ alone brings us back to God through His redemption of our sins. When we obtain Peace with God through Jesus, we can also obtain Shalom in

Sermon: The Temptation of Jesus

Text: Luke 4:1-13 Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. He points out that we too experience temptations in our lives such as bread alone, worship other gods, and pride. Pastor Choi also presents three ways to

Sermon – Shalom: An Illustration

Today, Sarah Choi, guest speaker expands on the topic of Shalom – peace with God and peace in every part of our lives. She uses the text of Jeremiah 17:5-8 as an illustration of Shalom.

Sermon: What We Are Created for

Today Pastor Choi talks about three reasons why God created His children. For worship, for love, and for good works. When God’s people do all three, they will find fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives while they glorify the Lord.

Sermon: 2019 – the Year of Shalom

Today Pastor Choi designates 2019 to be the year of Shalom. In his message, he explains the meaning of Shalom in the Bible, Shalom in all respects in spirit, soul, and body (in that order), and exhorts the congregation to

Sermon: A Christmas Reflection 2018

Tonight Pastor Choi shares one of his deepest concerns for the families in America: the lack of forgiveness. He then explains the root cause of unforgiving spirit and how to forgive one another in the name of Jesus.

Sermon: On the Trinity

Text: John 1:1-2, 14, 10:22-39 Today Pastor Choi delivers a sermon on the Trinity. After telling the congregation why he chose this sermon topic during the Advent season, he explains the doctrine on the Trinity. He points out that the

Sermon: Jesus the Son of God

Text: Hebrews 2:18, 4:14-16 Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ birth known to us as incarnation (literal meaning, into flesh).  Jesus was incarnated God.  He was the God-man.  He was equal to God yet He came in human form to

Sermon: Two Lessons from Mary

Text: Luke 1:46-56 Today Pastor Choi talks about two lessons from Mary the mother of Jesus: humility and blessedness.  True humility before God means courage to embrace God’s will and plan for the believers.  As far as blessings go, we

Sermon: God’s Time Our Time

Text: Luke 1:5-25 Today Pastor Choi talks about God’s time vs. Our time.  He points out three lessons from the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth–the parents of John the Baptist.  First, the delayed answers to our prayers may have nothing

Sermon: On Loneliness

Text: Genesis 2:18 Today Pastor Choi talks about loneliness: definition, reality, root cause, and ways to overcome it.  He invites the congregation to stay connected with family and friends, anchor themselves in God in prayer and God’s Word, and do

Thanksgiving Eve Message: Doing of Thanking for 20 Things

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Pastor Choi talks about the importance of being thankful to God in all circumstances, both good and bad.  Listing the benefits of spiritual, emotional, relational, and even physical areas, he exhorts God’s people to practice “D.O.T.

Sermon: Thanksgiving Is a Choice

Text: Colossians 2:6-7, 3:15-16 Today Pastor Choi talks about thankfulness, that is, overflowing with gratitude, as a distinctive mark of a believer in Christ.  Taking the example of Jesus our Lord and Savior, he exhorts his congregation to make thanksgiving

Sermon: On Giving to the Lord

Today Pastor Choi talks about offering to the Lord, its history and attributes: it is to the Lord, the Lord remembers our giving to Him and rewards us with heavenly treasures.   He also urges the believers to take up the

Sermon: Persecuted Christians

Text: Hebrews 13:3 Today Pastor Choi talks about persecutions against Christians: examples, cause, nature, and proper attitudes toward persecution.

Sermon: The Word of God-the Sword of the Spirit

Text: Ephesians 6:10-18 Today Pastor Choi talks about how to be victorious in our spiritual battle against the spiritual forces of wickedness.  He exhorts God’s people to get into the Word of God daily, to receive “Rema” the spoken word

Sermon: Concerning the Heart

Texts: Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 4:23 Today Pastor Choi talks about the heart: three kinds of heart, what’s happening in the heart, and how to take good care of the heart.  

Sermon: Ding Dong, Your Church Is Calling

Today is Laity Sunday.  Our guest speaker, Pauline McShea (lay leader), invites everyone to be involved in ministry.

Sermon: On Communion

Text: Luke 22:14-23 Today is World Communion Sunday.  Pastor Choi explains the meaning of Communion (that is, why we do it, and what’s happening in each Communion).  He also explains the proper ways to partake in the Lord’s Supper (that

Sermon: On Contentment

Text: 1 Timothy 6:6-10 Today Pastor Choi talks about contentment: its definition, benefits, the choices we make, and the consequences we live with afterwards.  He exhorts people of God to choose Christ over the love of money.

Sermon: Be Rich toward God

Text: Luke 12:13-21 Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ warning against greed.  He also draws a distinction between two Greek words both of which are translated into the same English word “life.”   The first Greek word is ‘ζωη’ (zoe) (e.g. English

Sermon: On Worship

Text: Exodus 20:1-5a Today Pastor Choi explains what is worship all about.  It is ‘to fall prostrate’ or ‘to bow down’ before God.  We are created to worship (Ephesians 2:10) and are to choose the Only True God to worship,

Sermon: Jesus’ Second Coming (Parousia)

Text: 2 Peter 3:1-15 Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ Second Coming (Parousia).  He encourages the congregation to carefully examine Peter’s explanation of the delay of Parousia threefold: The Lord is faithful to keep His promise.  The Lord is patient

Sermon: Word Power

Text: Psalm 19:14 Today Pastor Choi talks about the power of our spoken words.  First, the words we speak have power to make things happen.  Next, there are consequences.  Finally, for each word we speak, there’s accountability.  For action points,