Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: November 2013

Sermon: Which ‘Tent’ Will You Live in?

Today Pastor Choi talks about contentment.  Based on Adam Hamilton’s Book ‘Enough,’ he makes four suggestions to cultivate contentment in the believer’s life: a. Say “It Could Be Worse.”  b. Ask “How Long Will This Make Me Happy?  c. Develop

Testimony: On Tithing (by Maureen Tyrrell)

Maureen, member of Manahawkin United Methodist Church, shares her testimony with the congregation on the subject of tithing.      On Tithing  

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Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (6): His Help in Temptation

Today, Pastor Choi concludes his sermon series on “Rely on God’s Resources.”  He gives an overview on the topic of temptation covering the characteristics of temptation.  He also identifies two sources of temptation: human heart within and Satan the tempter without. 

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (5): His Provision

Today Pastor Choi talks about God’s provision for His people.  He draws his insight from two verses in the Bible: Romans 8:32 and Philippians 4:19.   He expounds on the basis of provision (love), how God provides all things good along with Christ, and