A guideline to choose a right church

Today I read a very good book where I found something you might be interested in: a guideline to choose a right Christian fellowship.
It is from a book entitled, “Marriage Covenant” written by Derek Prince.  He presents nine questions you should ask before you make any definite commitment:
1. Do they honor and uplift the Lord Jesus Christ?
2. Do they respect the authority of Scripture?
3. Do they make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit?
4. Do they exhibit a warm and friendly attitude?
5. Do they seek to work out their faith in practical, day-to-day living?
6. Do they build interpersonal relationships among themselves that go beyond merely attending services?
7. Do they provide pastoral care that embraces all your legitimate needs?
8. Are they open to fellowship with other Christian groups?
9. Do you feel at ease and at home among them?
He concludes: “If the answer to all or most of these questions is “yes,” you are getting warm.  Continue to seek God, however, until you receive definite direction from Him.  Remember that you will not find the “perfect group.”  Furthermore, even if you did, you could not join it, because after you did it, it would no longer be perfect!”  (pp. 166-167, Marriage Covenant, Derek Prince).
By the way I recommend anyone to listen to Derek Prince on Youtube.  There are plenty.