Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: February 2014

Sermon: Serve Others

Today Pastor Choi talks about another mark of Christ’s disciples: serve others.  God has called the believers in Christ and appointed them to be His servants.  He points out that to serve God and others in Christ’s name indeed is a privilege and

Sermon: Five Love Languages–based on Gary Chapman

Today Pastor Choi talks about the languages people use to convey their love messages to each other based on Gary Chapman’s sermon tape.  Pastor Choi begins with his own definition of love languages: love languages are the means of communication to say

Sermon: Be Steadfast

Today Pastor Choi talks about another mark of Christ’s followers: steadfastness.  He begins his message with the inseparable relationship between foundations and buildings; foundations determine the fate of buildings–to stand or to fall.  The same goes with believers.  He points

Sermon: Separate from the World

Today Pastor Choi urges the congregation to follow Jesus remembering one of the marks of Jesus’ followers: separate from the world.  Expounding on 1 John 2:15-17, he warns the believers not to love the world–the lust of flesh, the lust