Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: April 2014

No sermon today: April 27

I took a day off from my preaching.  I will be back next Sunday. Thanks for your prayers and support. God bless. Kyewoon Choi

Sermon: He Has Risen!

Today Pastor Choi talks about resurrection: Christ was the first fruit of resurrection to give us a hope of resurrection.  He begins with his encounter with deaths and moves onto the importance of believing in resurrection.  He concludes that we

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (4): Honesty

Today Pastor Choi talks about honesty.  Pointing out that we believers are the light and salt of the world, he speaks about three reasons why we ought to be honest: 1. Honesty is to the glory of God  2. Honesty protects individuals

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (3): Purity

Pastor Choi talks about purity today which we the believers are called to pursue in our lives.  Examining the biblical and historical background of Greek word porneia (which was translated as sexual immorality, fornication, sexual promiscuity, and adultery in various translations of