Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: May 2014

Sermon: Holy Spirit: Personality

Too many Christians today are ignorant of who the Holy Spirit is and what He does for the Church and God’s children that they fail to live the life as God intends them to live to their full potential.  As

Sermon: Where Are the Nine?

Today Pastor Choi talks about not losing the opportunity to thank God and people.  Based on the story of ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19, he highlights the importance of “instantaneous gratitude” (that is, thank NOW not later).  Using the story

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (6): Good Works

On Sunday, May 11, Pastor Choi concluded his sermon series on Grow in Christlikeness.  So far, he talked about signs of growth in Christ such as love, humility, purity, honesty, and faith.  He added one more sign: Good works.  God

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (5): Faith

Pastor Choi talks about how important faith is in the believer’s life.  Without it, it is impossible to please God and anyone who comes to God must believe that God is (exists here and now) and that He rewards those