Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: June 2014

Sermon: Receiving the Messengers

In today’s sermon we look at what it means to receive a messenger. And when we receive a messenger, Jesus says that we receive the reward of a prophet when we receive a prophet and the reward of a righteous

Sermon: Holy Spirit: Sensitivity

Today Pastor Choi urges the congregation to cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  Using the example of Philip in Acts 8, he points out that God only works with those who are willing to do God’s will and with those

Testimony: on Lenten Prayer Challenge 40-40-40

59 members and friends of Manahawkin UMC took this year’s Lenten Prayer Challenge “40-40-40:   forty prayer warriors for forty days and for forty minutes daily.”  25 people completed the challenge and 15 attended the appreciation luncheon.  Two of them, Dana DeVito

Sermon: Concerning Fatherhood

Today Pastor Choi talks about fatherhood.  Based on Peter Chin’s article, he begins his message with the reasons for a poor self-image of fatherhood among men today: the wrong assumption on “born perfect” and the bad influence from the media. 

Sermon: Pass It On

Today Pastor Choi explains the biblical meaning of confirmation.  It is more than just for the youth.  It is for all God’s children.  It is also a daily, on-going, life-long process of strengthening one’s faith in Jesus Christ.  It is

Sermon: Holy Spirit: Ministry

Today Pastor Choi continues his series on the Holy Spirit.  He explains what the Spirit of God does for God’s children.  Two things: one before and up to the point when we become children of God and the other after