Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: August 2014

sermon: Water and Fire

Today Pastor Choi reminds God’s people of Christ’s Second Coming and God’s judgment.  Unlike His first coming (He came for the forgiveness of sin), this time Christ will come for the judgment of the world.   Based on the water judgment during Noah’s time,

Sermon: Teen Challenge Presentation

Today, in lieu of pastor’s sermon, Teen Challenge in Philadelphia presents testimonies and praise songs.  They all witness that they were set free from the bondage of addiction through the power of the Holy Spirit.  As God was glorified and the congregation

Testimonial: Do the Negotiation for Me, God

Regina Appiah-Mends, member of Manahawkin United Methodist Church, shares how God has blessed her beyond her expectations through her recent transition in career.  She gives glory to God!  We hope you will blessed with her testimony!    Testimony RAM    

Sermon: Understanding Temptation

Today Pastor Choi talks about the nature of temptation.  Taking the story of Adam and Eve, he reminds the congregation that the devil always promotes his own agenda not our interests, that he is a liar and father of lies

Sermon: In the Beginning

Today Pastor Choi informs the audience what the Word of God, the Bible, says about creation: Who created the universe and everything in it?  Based on his study of the Bible, he presents the following: 1. God makes an exclusive