Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: September 2014

Sermon: Generosity

Today Pastor Choi talks about another lesson from Abram: generosity (the quality of being kind and generous to others).  When Abram’s herdsmen and those of Lot (Abram’s nephew) had the strife among them, Abram resolved the conflict by pursuing peace

Sermon: Say Thank-You to Jesus

Today, Pastor Choi introduces a few practical ways for God’s people to say thanks to Jesus first and to each other: writing thank-you notes, acknowledging in public those folks who helped and loved us, praying for loved ones, keep “gratitude journal,”

Sermon: Distrust and Lies

Today Pastor Choi talks about one experience we all have: lies.  Through the story of Abraham, he points out that the root cause of Abraham’s lies was lack of trust in God.  He exhorts the congregation to learn a lesson

Sermon: Blessing of the Children

Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ blessing of the children: permit them to come to Me and do not stop them (Mark 10:14).  Sharing his own experience in parenting, he exhorts the parents to keep eternal perspective and to remember the