Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: October 2014

Sermon: Altar in the Wilderness

Today Pastor Choi talks about altar in the church.  3,500 years ago, in the wilderness, while their leader Moses was away, Aaron the priest succumbed to the demand from the people and created a golden calf.  That opened the floodgate

Sermon: Family Prayer Altar

Pastor Choi challenges the congregation to join in Family Prayer Altar Challenge for the next five weeks (30 days except Sundays).  Taking the example of Gideon, he explains that God requires us to do two things before we go out

Sermon: Isaac the man of maturity, peace, and altar

Today Pastor Choi remembers Isaac—son of Abraham— as the man of maturity, peace, and altar.  Isaac was wise and mature, because he practiced his strength under control despite the temptations to strike back against his enemies.   The LORD blessed him