Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: November 2014

Sermon: Forgiveness in God

Today Pastor Choi talks about three attributes of forgiveness through the story of Joseph: 1) forgiveness is not easy but not impossible.  2) Forgiveness is possible only in God and with God’s help.  3) Forgiveness requires initiative.  May God help

Sermon: The God of Jacob

Today Pastor Choi talks about the God of Jacob who stayed with Jacob all his life despite his shortcomings and weaknesses.  He points out three lessons from Jacob’s life story: first, Jacob turned a life threatening situation into a life-turning

Sermon: Overflowing with Thankfulness

Today Pastor Choi talks about one of the marks of believers in Christ: gratitude. Taking the examples of Jesus our Lord and Savior, he exhorts God’s people to practice thankfulness in all circumstances by Doing of Thankings (D.O.T. 20) every

Testimonial: Family Altar Challenge

Pauline McShea, member of MUMC, shares her joy of doing a daily family prayer challenge.  She encourages every family to do the same so that they too may be blessed by the Lord.   Joy of Family Altar  

Give Your Heart to Jesus

Today Pastor Choi talks about the nature of giving: Giving is to the Lord Jesus first before it is to the Church.  Giving must come from our heart.  Giving is determined by our understanding of who Jesus is.  It is

Sermon: Altar in the Nation

Pastor Choi talks about the relations between idol worship and the destiny of a nation: idol worship brings forth rejection of God and the rejection of God brings down a nation.  Taking the example of two kingdoms in Israel, he