Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Month: December 2013

Sermon: A Christmas Reflection

On this Christmas Eve, Pastor Choi exhorts the congregation to have faith and trust in Jesus by giving all their cares and anxieties to Jesus the new born King as they celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Jesus intends to keep

Sermon: The Name Jesus

Today Pastor Choi talks about the most powerful name of all: Jesus.  Encouraging the congregation to ponder the name Jesus, he answers carefully three questions on the name of Jesus: Q1: Do I know the name ‘Jesus’? Q2: Do I know

Sermon: Work with God

2,000 years ago, Gabriel the angel visited a young woman named Mary in Nazareth.  She was told that she would conceive a boy child by the power of Holy Spirit.  Based on the story of Mary’s conception, Pastor Choi expounds

Sermon: Comfort Ye My People

“Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye, My People,” says your God (Isaiah 40:1).  Today God speaks to us contemporary believers in Christ though the mouth of Prophet Isaiah that it is not the time that we focused on our own comforts.  Rather,