Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Year: 2014

Sermon: Have You Heard the News?

Today, John Parker, guest speaker, speaks about Jesus the Christ God’s gift for our forgiveness. Have you heard the news?  Jesus is here ! Sermon Audio Passage: Galatians 4:4-7 (NKJV) 4 But when the fullness of the time had come, God

Sermon: A Christmas Reflection

At Christmas Eve service, Pastor Choi reminds all God’s people of what Christmas is all about: 1. Christmas is about God who predestined Christ’s birth before the beginning of the universe. 2. Christmas is about us who we are in

Christmas Cantata

Today, in place of the sermon, the Manahawkin United Methodist Choir presents a cantata: “The Advent of Hope, the Birth of Peace” by Robert Lau and Stephen Andrews.  As you listen to the songs and readings, may God bless you

Service: A Quiet Christmas

On Tuesday, December 16, the Manahawkin Congregation offered a service for God’s people who are having a difficult time this Christmas season due to various reasons such as the loss of their loved ones, strained relationships, financial difficulties, and loneliness.

Sermon: The Shepherds and the Angels

Today Pastor Choi talks about God’s greatest gift and the best news to humanity: Jesus the Savior of the world.  Through the story of the shepherds and the angels, he points out the following: 1) Salvation is for all.  2)

Sermon: Here I Am, Lord

Today Pastor Choi talks about Mary the mother of Jesus: how willing she was to work with God who asked her to do something beyond her own strength.  Besides the assurance to Joseph that it was alright to take her

Sermon: Forgiveness in God

Today Pastor Choi talks about three attributes of forgiveness through the story of Joseph: 1) forgiveness is not easy but not impossible.  2) Forgiveness is possible only in God and with God’s help.  3) Forgiveness requires initiative.  May God help

Sermon: The God of Jacob

Today Pastor Choi talks about the God of Jacob who stayed with Jacob all his life despite his shortcomings and weaknesses.  He points out three lessons from Jacob’s life story: first, Jacob turned a life threatening situation into a life-turning

Sermon: Overflowing with Thankfulness

Today Pastor Choi talks about one of the marks of believers in Christ: gratitude. Taking the examples of Jesus our Lord and Savior, he exhorts God’s people to practice thankfulness in all circumstances by Doing of Thankings (D.O.T. 20) every

Testimonial: Family Altar Challenge

Pauline McShea, member of MUMC, shares her joy of doing a daily family prayer challenge.  She encourages every family to do the same so that they too may be blessed by the Lord.   Joy of Family Altar  

Give Your Heart to Jesus

Today Pastor Choi talks about the nature of giving: Giving is to the Lord Jesus first before it is to the Church.  Giving must come from our heart.  Giving is determined by our understanding of who Jesus is.  It is

Sermon: Altar in the Nation

Pastor Choi talks about the relations between idol worship and the destiny of a nation: idol worship brings forth rejection of God and the rejection of God brings down a nation.  Taking the example of two kingdoms in Israel, he

Sermon: Altar in the Wilderness

Today Pastor Choi talks about altar in the church.  3,500 years ago, in the wilderness, while their leader Moses was away, Aaron the priest succumbed to the demand from the people and created a golden calf.  That opened the floodgate

Sermon: Family Prayer Altar

Pastor Choi challenges the congregation to join in Family Prayer Altar Challenge for the next five weeks (30 days except Sundays).  Taking the example of Gideon, he explains that God requires us to do two things before we go out

Sermon: Isaac the man of maturity, peace, and altar

Today Pastor Choi remembers Isaac—son of Abraham— as the man of maturity, peace, and altar.  Isaac was wise and mature, because he practiced his strength under control despite the temptations to strike back against his enemies.   The LORD blessed him

Sermon: Generosity

Today Pastor Choi talks about another lesson from Abram: generosity (the quality of being kind and generous to others).  When Abram’s herdsmen and those of Lot (Abram’s nephew) had the strife among them, Abram resolved the conflict by pursuing peace

Sermon: Say Thank-You to Jesus

Today, Pastor Choi introduces a few practical ways for God’s people to say thanks to Jesus first and to each other: writing thank-you notes, acknowledging in public those folks who helped and loved us, praying for loved ones, keep “gratitude journal,”

Sermon: Distrust and Lies

Today Pastor Choi talks about one experience we all have: lies.  Through the story of Abraham, he points out that the root cause of Abraham’s lies was lack of trust in God.  He exhorts the congregation to learn a lesson

Sermon: Blessing of the Children

Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus’ blessing of the children: permit them to come to Me and do not stop them (Mark 10:14).  Sharing his own experience in parenting, he exhorts the parents to keep eternal perspective and to remember the

sermon: Water and Fire

Today Pastor Choi reminds God’s people of Christ’s Second Coming and God’s judgment.  Unlike His first coming (He came for the forgiveness of sin), this time Christ will come for the judgment of the world.   Based on the water judgment during Noah’s time,

Sermon: Teen Challenge Presentation

Today, in lieu of pastor’s sermon, Teen Challenge in Philadelphia presents testimonies and praise songs.  They all witness that they were set free from the bondage of addiction through the power of the Holy Spirit.  As God was glorified and the congregation

Testimonial: Do the Negotiation for Me, God

Regina Appiah-Mends, member of Manahawkin United Methodist Church, shares how God has blessed her beyond her expectations through her recent transition in career.  She gives glory to God!  We hope you will blessed with her testimony!    Testimony RAM    

Sermon: Understanding Temptation

Today Pastor Choi talks about the nature of temptation.  Taking the story of Adam and Eve, he reminds the congregation that the devil always promotes his own agenda not our interests, that he is a liar and father of lies

Sermon: In the Beginning

Today Pastor Choi informs the audience what the Word of God, the Bible, says about creation: Who created the universe and everything in it?  Based on his study of the Bible, he presents the following: 1. God makes an exclusive

Sermon: Three Blessings Not to Miss

Today Pastor Choi continues his series on gratitude.  After recapping his past three sermons, he points out three blessings of being thankful: Christ’s peace, effective prayers, and God’s deliverances.  He exhorts God’s people to stay thankful so that they may

Sermon: America: A Celebration of Liberty

Today’s sermon is a patriotic celebration of those things that make America unique such as our Revolution and the God-given principles of Liberty and Equality This sermon was developed from material graciously provided by the producers of the movie America,

Sermon: Receiving the Messengers

In today’s sermon we look at what it means to receive a messenger. And when we receive a messenger, Jesus says that we receive the reward of a prophet when we receive a prophet and the reward of a righteous

Sermon: Holy Spirit: Sensitivity

Today Pastor Choi urges the congregation to cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  Using the example of Philip in Acts 8, he points out that God only works with those who are willing to do God’s will and with those

Testimony: on Lenten Prayer Challenge 40-40-40

59 members and friends of Manahawkin UMC took this year’s Lenten Prayer Challenge “40-40-40:   forty prayer warriors for forty days and for forty minutes daily.”  25 people completed the challenge and 15 attended the appreciation luncheon.  Two of them, Dana DeVito

Sermon: Concerning Fatherhood

Today Pastor Choi talks about fatherhood.  Based on Peter Chin’s article, he begins his message with the reasons for a poor self-image of fatherhood among men today: the wrong assumption on “born perfect” and the bad influence from the media. 

Sermon: Pass It On

Today Pastor Choi explains the biblical meaning of confirmation.  It is more than just for the youth.  It is for all God’s children.  It is also a daily, on-going, life-long process of strengthening one’s faith in Jesus Christ.  It is

Sermon: Where Are the Nine?

Today Pastor Choi talks about not losing the opportunity to thank God and people.  Based on the story of ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19, he highlights the importance of “instantaneous gratitude” (that is, thank NOW not later).  Using the story

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (6): Good Works

On Sunday, May 11, Pastor Choi concluded his sermon series on Grow in Christlikeness.  So far, he talked about signs of growth in Christ such as love, humility, purity, honesty, and faith.  He added one more sign: Good works.  God

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (5): Faith

Pastor Choi talks about how important faith is in the believer’s life.  Without it, it is impossible to please God and anyone who comes to God must believe that God is (exists here and now) and that He rewards those

No sermon today: April 27

I took a day off from my preaching.  I will be back next Sunday. Thanks for your prayers and support. God bless. Kyewoon Choi

Sermon: He Has Risen!

Today Pastor Choi talks about resurrection: Christ was the first fruit of resurrection to give us a hope of resurrection.  He begins with his encounter with deaths and moves onto the importance of believing in resurrection.  He concludes that we

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (4): Honesty

Today Pastor Choi talks about honesty.  Pointing out that we believers are the light and salt of the world, he speaks about three reasons why we ought to be honest: 1. Honesty is to the glory of God  2. Honesty protects individuals

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (3): Purity

Pastor Choi talks about purity today which we the believers are called to pursue in our lives.  Examining the biblical and historical background of Greek word porneia (which was translated as sexual immorality, fornication, sexual promiscuity, and adultery in various translations of

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (2): Humility

Today Pastor Choi talks about another attribute of Christ: humility. He points out to three signs of humility: consider others more important than self, look out for the interests of others before one’s own, submit to one another.  He also explains

Sermon: Grow in Christlikeness (1): Love

Today Pastor Choi talks about growing in Christlikeness: love.  After we commit ourselves to Christ as our Savior and Lord, we begin to grow in faith.  As we grow in faith, one thing we will demonstrate in our lives and

Sermon: Nothing to Be Thankful for? Think Again.

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of giving thanks to God regardless of our circumstances.  The sermon points out that worship is the key to staying thankful, because it shifts our attention from ourselves to God.   Based on Psalm 100:4-5, he

Sermon: Witnesses for Jesus

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of evangelism.  He challenges the congregation to hear Jesus’ call: Testify for Me.  Testify to what I have done for you to all the world.  Tell the truth and nothing but the truth

Sermon: Concerning Repentance

Tonight Pastor Choi talked about three characteristics of repentance.  First, everyone needs to repent of evil in the sight of God.  Kings, rulers, old and young, male and female, parents and children, even priests and churches.   Next, in our repentance, God

Sermon: Give Generously

Today Pastor Choi talks about another mark of Christ’s disciples: Give generously.  He exhorts the congregation to honor the LORD with their giving realizing how critical giving is in the life of believers.  He also points out that liberal giving allows us to

Sermon: Serve Others

Today Pastor Choi talks about another mark of Christ’s disciples: serve others.  God has called the believers in Christ and appointed them to be His servants.  He points out that to serve God and others in Christ’s name indeed is a privilege and

Sermon: Five Love Languages–based on Gary Chapman

Today Pastor Choi talks about the languages people use to convey their love messages to each other based on Gary Chapman’s sermon tape.  Pastor Choi begins with his own definition of love languages: love languages are the means of communication to say

Sermon: Be Steadfast

Today Pastor Choi talks about another mark of Christ’s followers: steadfastness.  He begins his message with the inseparable relationship between foundations and buildings; foundations determine the fate of buildings–to stand or to fall.  The same goes with believers.  He points

Sermon: Separate from the World

Today Pastor Choi urges the congregation to follow Jesus remembering one of the marks of Jesus’ followers: separate from the world.  Expounding on 1 John 2:15-17, he warns the believers not to love the world–the lust of flesh, the lust

Testimony: In Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Charles Ray, one of our youth in Sunday School, shares with the congregation what he has done for his school project in remembrance of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Charles Ray

Sermon: BE

Today is Sunday School Sunday and our lesson will take place during both Services.  Everyone is in class today.  Our teachers and children will actively participate in both services by being Greeters, Acolytes, Ushers, and Readers. Today’s sermon will be

A guideline to choose a right church

Today I read a very good book where I found something you might be interested in: a guideline to choose a right Christian fellowship. It is from a book entitled, “Marriage Covenant” written by Derek Prince.  He presents nine questions

Sermon: Put Christ First

Today Pastor Choi expounds on the meaning of being Christ’s disciple.  It is more than attending church services and claiming that we are the followers of Christ.  Being Christ’s disciple requires us to put Christ first before anything or anybody