Manahawkin United Methodist Church
Year: 2013

Sermon: A Christmas Reflection

On this Christmas Eve, Pastor Choi exhorts the congregation to have faith and trust in Jesus by giving all their cares and anxieties to Jesus the new born King as they celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Jesus intends to keep

Sermon: The Name Jesus

Today Pastor Choi talks about the most powerful name of all: Jesus.  Encouraging the congregation to ponder the name Jesus, he answers carefully three questions on the name of Jesus: Q1: Do I know the name ‘Jesus’? Q2: Do I know

Sermon: Work with God

2,000 years ago, Gabriel the angel visited a young woman named Mary in Nazareth.  She was told that she would conceive a boy child by the power of Holy Spirit.  Based on the story of Mary’s conception, Pastor Choi expounds

Sermon: Comfort Ye My People

“Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye, My People,” says your God (Isaiah 40:1).  Today God speaks to us contemporary believers in Christ though the mouth of Prophet Isaiah that it is not the time that we focused on our own comforts.  Rather,

Sermon: Which ‘Tent’ Will You Live in?

Today Pastor Choi talks about contentment.  Based on Adam Hamilton’s Book ‘Enough,’ he makes four suggestions to cultivate contentment in the believer’s life: a. Say “It Could Be Worse.”  b. Ask “How Long Will This Make Me Happy?  c. Develop

Testimony: On Tithing (by Maureen Tyrrell)

Maureen, member of Manahawkin United Methodist Church, shares her testimony with the congregation on the subject of tithing.      On Tithing  

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Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (6): His Help in Temptation

Today, Pastor Choi concludes his sermon series on “Rely on God’s Resources.”  He gives an overview on the topic of temptation covering the characteristics of temptation.  He also identifies two sources of temptation: human heart within and Satan the tempter without. 

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (5): His Provision

Today Pastor Choi talks about God’s provision for His people.  He draws his insight from two verses in the Bible: Romans 8:32 and Philippians 4:19.   He expounds on the basis of provision (love), how God provides all things good along with Christ, and

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (4): His Peace

Today Pastor Choi continues focusing on God’s resources that are available to God’s people.  This time it is God’s peace that transcends circumstances.  He also talks about how we can get God’s peace in our hearts and minds: by trusting

Sermon: Church Family and Ministry

Today Manahawkin congregation celebrated Laity Sunday acknowledging and appreciating all the volunteers who served the Lord and God’s people.  Lay Speaker Louise Jones and John Parker (finance chair) shared the pulpit reflecting on the meaning of family and ministry.  Laity Sunday

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (3): His Faithfulness

Today Pastor Choi talks about another resource of God that we can rely on in times of need: God’s faithfulness.  Through the eyes of Prophet Jeremiah, the message looks at God’s faithfulness as the best antidote to disappointment and despair.

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources (2)

Today Pastor Choi talks about the second divine resource that God has made available for us to tap into in times of need: God’s strength.  Expounding on Isaiah 41:10 and Philippians 4:13, he exhorts the congregation to rely not on

Sermon: Rely on God’s Resources

Today Pastor Choi talks about relying on God’s resources for our daily walk with God.  As Part 1 of the series, he emphasizes the importance of knowing that we are God’s temple and that the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts.   Rely

Sermon: Live the New Life (6): Evangelism

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of sharing the good news, the gospel, with our loved ones.  He talks about not being ashamed of the gospel which is God’s power for salvation to all who believe in the name

Sermon: Live the New Life (5): Fellowship

Today Pastor Choi talks about the power of fellowship and importance of gathering in the name of Jesus in the believer’s life.  As the Day approaches, we ought not to neglect to meet together all the more provoking one another to love and

Sermon: Live the New Life (4)

Today Pastor Choi shares his personal testimony regarding prayer: He shares how God revealed Himself to him in prayer, what are the conditions to answered prayers, and some practical tips to effective prayer life including Prayer Journal.    Live the

Sermon–Live the New Life (3)

Today Pastor Choi talks about the importance of getting into God’s Word daily.  He expounds on 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Joshua 1:8 followed by his challenge for the congregation, that is, to finish reading the entire Bible in a year. 

Sermon- Live the New Life (2)

As part 2 of his new series on “Live the New Life,” Pastor Choi talks about the meaning of worship and the meaning of love of Jesus.  The marks of a believer in Christ are to worship the Lord in

Sermon: Live the New Life

Pastor Choi started a new sermon series today “Live the New Life”:  Today he talks about what and who makes a person a new creation.  It is not what we do or say that makes us a new creation in

Sermon: What We Believe (4)

Today Pastor Choi concludes his mini-sermon series on basic Christian beliefs: in today’s sermon he talks about what it means to be a child of God, believing and receiving Christ, and having daily communion with Christ. What We Believe (4)

Sermon: What We Believe (3)

Pastor Choi explains that no human merits can buy or earn God’s gift–salvation.  We are saved by God’s grace through our faith alone.     What We Believe (3)   Following is the sermon script in its entirety: What We

Sermon: What We Believe (2)

Pastor Choi continues his series on basic beliefs of Christian faith: Christ paid the penalty of our sins–this proves God’s love for us all!   What We Believe (2)   Also, following is the sermon script in its entirety. Title: What

Sermon: What We Believe

Pastor Choi explains the spiritual reality of America where people shun certain words such as sin, sinner, or repentance.  To hear his message in audio, click here:      What We Believe  

Sermon: Who Do You Say I Am?

Pastor Choi talks about who Jesus is to people, to His disciples, and to you.  Your confession of who Jesus is makes a world of difference in your walk with God. Who do you say Jesus is?

Sermon: Who Am I?

Pastor Choi’s first sermon at Manahawkin UMC talks about who he is: Not a Messiah, but a messenger of God and His Word.

Becoming a member at MUMC

Each month we offer a new member class entitled “Methodism 101” on the third Sunday of the month at 9:45 a.m. (see church calendar for any changes due to holidays). This class is an overview of the origins of The

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