Sermon: The Rocky Soil

Today Pastor Choi continues his sermon series on the parable of the sower (part 2 of 4). He identifies three devil’s strategy to tap eternal life out of believer’s life: temptation, affliction, and persecution. He also adds the importance of being rooted deep in God’s Word and Holy Spirit to lead a fruitful life in Christ.

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Sermon: Who Is Your Father?

Today Pastor Choi invites the audience to listen to Jesus’ dialogue with a group of Jews in John 8:31-47. The topic is “Who is your father?” Of course, Jesus talks about not biological father, but spiritual father. Either God in Heaven or the devil. To find out their spiritual father, Pastor Choi urges the audience to test their faith against three marks of children in relation to their father: 1. imitation 2. obedience 3. desire.

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Sermon: Go and Do the Same

Today Pastor Choi speaks about the heart of the matter in racial justice in America. It is the change of the heart in each individual that would see and treat each other as themselves (the Golden Rule). That’s what Jesus talks about in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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Sermon: The Woman at the Well

Today Pastor Choi takes us to the well in Sychar, Samaria, where Jesus had a conversation with a Samaritan woman. Two lessons: First, Christ is for all, both Jews and Gentiles, for the righteous and the unrighteous. Next, Holy Spirit is for all believers who confess their faith in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

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Sermon: Be Thankful and Rejoice

Today Pastor Choi talks about God’s consistency, sovereignty, and generosity in salvation. When we start imposing our own wishful thinking/theology on salvation, we are bound to clash with God and His ways. We’d better conform our salvation perspectives to God’s.

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Matthew 20:1-16

Sermon: Who Created Them All?

Today Pastor Choi talks about creation vs. evolution. He shares his journey from evolution to creation that concludes that it is the Almighty God who created them all as He claims over 40 times in the Scripture. The basis of his conviction is two-fold: first, the integrity of God who cannot lie. Next, the Scripture cannot be annulled (John 10: 35).

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Sermon: Stop Fearing. Keep on Believing.

Today Pastor Choi points out three lessons from the Jairus’s story (Mark 5:21-24, 35-43).

1. Faith and fear are in an inverse relation. 2. The only good fear is the fear of the Lord. 3. Choose faith over fear.

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Sermon: Your Faith Matters

Your Faith Matters: Mark 5:21-34

Today Pastor Choi invites the audience to walk with Jesus. A woman with hemorrhage problem touched the fringe of Jesus’ garments and was instantly healed. To her, Jesus says, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction” (Mark 5:34). At the end of his sermon, Pastor Choi offers his healing prayer for all who would pray for healing with their faith in Jesus.

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Sermon: Your Spiritual Worship

Today Pastor Choi talks about three elements of spiritual worship: God, our bodies (entire being), and holy and acceptable sacrifice to God. He expounds further that worship is to God alone, that in worship we surrender all to God and that we present our lives (thoughts, words, and actions) holy and acceptable to God through daily spiritual worship.

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Sermon: The Easter Message of the Risen Christ

In today’s message, Pastor Choi shares the first Easter greetings of the Risen Christ: Peace be unto you. Receive the Holy Spirit. Forgive.

As the Easter people, we have the Christ’s peace that the world cannot give or take away from us.

As the Easter people, we do have the Holy Spirit in us through faith in Jesus Christ.

As the Easter people, we will forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us.

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Sermon: Christ Our Passover Lamb

In his Good Friday message, Pastor Choi draws the comparison between two Passover stories: one in the book of Exodus and the other in the book of Matthew.

In Exodus, the Passover lamb protects the people in the house with its blood on the doorposts and the lintel.

In Matthew, Christ the Lamb of God, by shedding His blood, covers the sin of humanity and protects those who believe in Him from the eternal judgment.

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Sermon: Cross-the Heart of the Gospel

Today Pastor Choi takes the congregation to Golgotha, the Place of the Skull. There, we witness everything about the gospel we believe in. The sinfulness of humanity, the sinless Savior who dies on the cross to pay the wages of our sin, and God’s free gift, the eternal life, to those who believe in Jesus.

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Sermon: Concerning Negative Thinking

Pastor Choi explains the best heart-care to prevent negative thinking. 1. Heart: the innermost seat of emotion, thoughts, will, and appetites. Heart is a battleground. Heart is an open bowl. 2. Three parties involved in thought process: self, the devil, and God. 3. Ways to take care of the heart: Store up good stuff and Screen out bad stuff. 4. Action points: Remember you are the sole caretaker of your heart. Prevent the enemy infiltration with the password: Is this thought in line with God’s will? Practice screening what you watch and hear. And, repeat the above.

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Sermon: Concerning Addiction

Galatians 5:16-24

Pastor Choi leads the service online for Sunday, March 22, 2020.

He defines addiction as “the yoke of slavery.” He also shares the recovery rates of treatments (Secular vs. Biblical). Finally, he points out that the Holy Spirit is the way to overcome addiction. Takeaway Points: Set your mind on the Holy Spirit -Seek a community of accountability -Study the Word of God (Bible) -Pray -Worship.

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Sermon: Concerning Complaint

Today Pastor Choi talks about chronic complaining. He presents scientific explanations on how complaining negatively affects our physical health.  Then, he expounds the Word of God on how chronic complaining is related to the thoughts we store up in our hearts.  Finally, he proposes the best remedy for chronic complaining: being thankful. 

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Hebrews 13:1

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Sermon: Concerning Anger

Anger plays a big part in human lives. Depending on how we control and express our anger, it can affect many individuals and families either positively or negatively. Pastor Choi shows three different ways in which people handle their anger. 1. Anger on others. 2. Anger suppressed. 3. Anger given to the Lord. He recommends the people of God to obey His commands on anger: Let God take over your anger. Overcome evil with good. Reconcile after arguments.

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Ephesians 4:26-27

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Sermon: Concerning Depression

Today Pastor Choi explains the spiritual and biblical aspects of depression: 1. Depression is a spiritual oppression. 2. It is not God’s will for us to be in depression. 3. God offers three practical ways to prevent and overcome depression: Rejoice, Pray, and Be Thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

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Isaiah 61:3

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Sermon: the Storm

Today Pastor Choi talks about fear/anxiety. Where can we find the remedy for fear/anxiety? In Jesus. He points out three things through the story of storm in the Sea of Galilee.

1) No one is exempt from life’s troubles. God lets us go through afflictions from time to time.  Therefore, let’s take it as it is.  But the LORD delivers us out of them all.   Not just from a few, but from all

2) Trust in Jesus in the midst of storm.  Remember where He is.  He is in your heart.  Remember who He is: Jesus the Lord of all.  Remember what He can do for you.  He can silence the violent storm in our lives.  Wake Him up and let Him calm down the storm for you.   

3) Keep one verse in your heart and practice it daily: Philippians 4:6-7.  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Stop worrying.  Be thankful. Cry out to Jesus.  Experience Christ’ peace and deliverance.

Mark 4:35-41

Sermon: Zaccheus

Today Pastor Choi takes the congregation to Jericho where Jesus met Zaccheus the chief tax collector in the tree. Pastor Choi draws three lessons from the story of Zaccheus. First. salvation is a must for all. Next, it is urgent. Finally, salvation means a new life in Christ.

Luke 19:1-10

Sermon: Bartimaeus

In the story of Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, Pastor Choi points out three lessons for God’s people: first, know what to say in prayer. Have mercy on me, Lord. Next, learn how to say a prayer: Do it persistently until you get Jesus’ attention. Thirdly, follow Jesus. After receiving a miracle from God, follow Jesus faithfully for the rest of your life.

Mark 10:46-52

Sermon: The Leper

Today Pastor Choi invites the congregation to go on a road trip with Jesus. Following Him along the road, they encounter a certain man with leprosy who asks Jesus for healing which is granted on the spot. Three lessons: the power of prayer, the power of touch, and the power of spoken words.

Mark 1:40-45

Sermon: We Have Found the Messiah!

From today’s text, John 1:35-42, Pastor Choi presents three lessons from Andrew one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. First, Andrew led his brother Peter to Jesus the Messiah right after he himself found Him. Next, Andrew found the true identity of Jesus right away by paying attention to John the Baptist his teacher. Finally, Pastor Choi shows who in the Bible joins Andrew calling Jesus the Son of God or the Messiah (or who rejects Jesus as the Messiah).

John 1:41

Sermon: A Christmas Reflection 2019

At Christmas eve service, Pastor Choi shares his life as a believer in Christ. He testifies that Christ has set him free from guilt and shame; from condemnation; from worries; and from anger and bitterness. He invites all to have Christ in their lives who will also set them free from the bondage of sin and death.

Sermon: The Magi

Today Pastor Choi talks about the magi who paid a visit to baby Jesus: who they were, how many wise men visited, their names, and so forth. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Choi draws two lessons: Worship Jesus the King, and God draws all nations and races to Christ.

Matthew 2:1-12

Sermon: The Shepherds

Today Pastor Choi talks about three lessons from the story of shepherds. First, they had a check-it-out attitude on the word of God spoken to them. Next, they found the baby Jesus after a careful search of Jesus. Finally, they spread the good news of Christ’s birth after they personally witnessed Jesus. Know (personally experience) Christ and make Him known–the key of evangelism.

Luke 2:8-20

Sermon: the Angels

Today Pastor Choi talks about who and what angels are. They are heavenly spiritual beings created by God for the following purposes: 1. Messengers of God. 2. Worship/Praise God. 3. Minister to heirs of salvation. He also warns the believers not to worship or pray to angels. Worship God only.

Christ Is the Great Joy for All the People (Luke 2:10)

Sermon: Mary and Joseph

Today, as part 1 of 4 series on people around baby Jesus, Pastor Choi talks about Mary and Joseph. He focuses on two outstanding characteristics of Mary and Joseph: willingness and humility. He exhorts God’s children to say “So be it” to God’s call for His Kingdom.

Matthew 1:18-25

Sermon: In Everything Give Thanks

Today Pastor Choi exhorts God’s people to be thankful (more than grateful) to the Lord in all circumstances, both good and bad. He encourages them to do three things: first, understand the true reason behind God’s command to be thankful. Next, desire to be thankful for the sake of obedience to God and His will. Finally, train yourself in thanksgiving beginning with small things.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Sermon: Suffering Christians

Today Pastor Choi exhorts the Church the body of Christ to show their solidarity and care for the believers who are being persecuted for the faith in Jesus Christ. Sharing the story of two Indonesian believers, he urges the congregation to pray for the persecuted believers, to write them encouraging notes and cards, and support organizations such as the Voice of the Martyrs that work for the persecuted Christians all around the world.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Sermon: Concerning Silence

Today Pastor Choi explains what God’s Word says about silence: human silence and divine silence. After sharing the seven findings on the subject, he explains more on the Lord’s silence. The LORD doesn’t tarry. He will break His silence in the appointed time (kairos) and make all things right and beautiful according to His will.

Sermon: On the Lord’s Supper

Today Pastor Choi reminds of God’s people why and what we do in each Communion: take, eat, and drink in remembrance of Christ’s death for the forgiveness of our sins.  He explains the biblical origin of the Lord’s Supper and ends his message with a reminder that we are a covenant people whom God has called to be faithful to His heavenly call in Christ Jesus.

1 Corinthians 11:24

Sermon: God So Loves You

Today, Pastor Choi invites the people to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Entering into the hearts of those who accept Him, Jesus will turn their lives upside down for eternal good. He shares the testimony of Nicky Cruz from the book “The Cross and the Switchblade” written by David Wilkerson.

Sermon: We Are His Sheep

Today Pastor Choi’s sermon (read by Sarah Choi) talks about the relationship between Jesus our Good Shepherd and us His sheep. After explaining three similarities between sheep and people, Pastor Choi expounds on Psalm 23 where King David calls the LORD his shepherd.

Isaiah 53:6, Psalm 23

Sermon: Jesus Is Our Shepherd

Today Pastor Choi talks about Jesus being our Good Shepherd. He points out three qualities of Good Shepherd for God’s people: 1. On Behalf of 2. Ownership and Knowledge of the Flock 3. Protection. Indeed, Jesus is all for God’s children. He also knows everything about us. He laid down His own life to protect us from eternal punishment. We can count on Jesus our Good Shepherd.

John 10:11-18

Sermon: Concerning Pleasure

Today Pastor Choi talks about four biblical principles on pleasure for the believers to abide by (Ravi Zacharias): 1. Anything that refreshes us without diminishing or destroying our final goal in life is a legitimate pleasure. 2. Any pleasure that jeopardizes or violates the sacred right of another person is an illicit or illegitimate pleasure. 3. Any pleasure, however good it is in itself, if it’s not kept in balance, it will distort reality or destroy appetite. 4. Pleasure must be bought at the price of pain.

For When You are Older

In today’s sermon by guest speaker John Parker we look at the first 6 verses of Psalm 71. This is an anonymous Psalm that many think was composed by David in his later years. David is facing murder, revolt, and declining health. In this Psalm, David is asking for God to protect him just like God has done for all of David’s life. And God is also our source of strength and protection when we are older.

Who is my Neighbor

In today’s sermon by guest speaker John Parker, we take a close look at the story of the Good Samaritan. Some of the key questions are: Why is the attorney asking the question “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Who is a Samaritan and why is it important? Why did the priest and the Levite just walk on by? Who is my neighbor? When we answer these questions we see that we are called to love whomever God puts in our path regardless of what they think of us or how they treat us. To help us in our walk with Jesus we need to watch out for the lawyer, the priest, and the Levite in our own behavior.

Luke 10:25-37